Ubuntu...i am because we are

An answer to the call

An answer to the call
We are all called to be Saltnlight in our communities.

An answer to the call
Saltnlight !
Solve your world’s problems
Yes Lord, but how?
Together you can.

Ubuntu… In your humanity, I find my humanity is a phrase of your clan
Black Lives matter, together take a stand
Let inequality, be the quality worthy of the cause. No more violence, no more silence. Black, coloured, indian, mixed race, white there’s no divorce
If you don’t eat, then I can’t eat, my food tastes bland
Brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, hand in hand…
Let us become the people your sovereign eyes see; you’ve shed your blood to set the captives free.
No more oppression, no more hate, no more abuse… no more you, no more me or other names you use.
Forgive us Jesus for breaking your heart. We repent, we repent, we repent…give us a brand-new start.
Once more be our glory, be our guide, help us to turn from night
Start within us the work my God we need to make this right.
Forgive us of our sin and restore our sight
Once we were blind and deaf, now we see and hear… hear your cry, hear their cry.
Let us take up our fight
We are a city on a hill called to shine bright.
Yes Lord, send me, I'm available. I’ll be your Saltnlight!
Then become one, unity is found in community, it’s time to unite.

Is the answer in ME, no the answer is WE!!!
Together you can if Together you stand, Together you can become great again! Let love be your superpower
Then we’ll turn our face from our wicked ways for you to heal our land
#ubuntu #bettertogether